Society of Family Planning:

Birth control tales was made possible by generous funding from Society of Family Planning. Visit their web page at:

University of California Los Angeles Division of Family Planning:

The Division of Family Planning at University of California Los Angeles offers comprehensive, compassionate reproductive care for women of all backgrounds. The Family Planning division is also committed to research, resident physician and fellow training, and education in the field of family planning. We acknowledge the division for funding this initiative. Dr. Angela Chen MD MPH, is the director of division of Family Planning at UCLA. She has constantly supported the division to develop unique and new research related interventions like Birth Control Tales. Visit our division web page:

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Content reviewers:

Elise Berlan MD

Sarah Prager MD MAS

Jennifer Salcedo MD MPH MPP

Study Team:

Sonali S Namiranian BS MBA-BT, CCRP
Women's Health Clinical Research Unit at UCLA

Karen Roque MPH

Kelsey Rose MD

Alice Brown MD

Ilana Greenberg

Bethlehem Michael

Kelly Wang

Emily Leibovitch

Francesca Genera

Jennifer Bonilla-Cartagena

Arthur ASHE Student Health and Wellness Center at UCLA:

We acknowledge them for allowing us to test the comics.